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Just a friendly neighborhood prophet, sharing visions from the other shore. I enjoy video art, Sunday afternoons, the Tarot, my two cats, and kung fu.
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    Architecture Hermeneutics
    Are you ready to have your mind blown?

    What if you can't count on another intelligence to speak your language? How do you communicate your accumulated knowledge? This is essentially the problem facing terrestrials in search of life "out there."

    We can take a clue from a past culture so strangely advanced (even by today's standards) that they may as well have been aliens.

    Check out this episode of Magical Egypt about the temple of Luxor aka the Temple in Man.

    "Temples were not the location of the teaching. They were the teaching."

    The information we can tease out of this architecture is incredible. It speaks volumes of our collective ignorance and the despicable practice of erased wisdom here on earth.

    What's more, it's instructive to us on how we ought to really go about teaching ourselves and potentially reaching out to the "other."

    WE HAVE TO BUILD AND THEN INHABIT THE CITIES OF OUR WILDEST DREAMS, constructed willfully to reflect our highest knowledge. The whole text-based, test-based, 2D style of instruction we're feeding the kids right now is weak in the knees.

    When we encourage meaning to permeate the exo-structures from smallest to largest, something weird is going to happen. Back when, only the mason and his lodge buddies knew the full meaning of the great structures they put together. The way we trade info these days, there would be no more secrets. Every brick could come alive with meaning.

    Picture the flatland. The sheet of paper, in a book of bound pages. To flatlanders on the page, their page is the only one that is. To them, a symbol will only be meaningful to the other beings on their sheet of paper. They'll sit all day and think about getting their symbol to the furthest edge of their paper possible.

    They can't comprehend that there is someone comfortably resting in a study, flipping through the pages of a book, looking for something interesting to read.

    ... I suspect they're looking for us as hard we're looking for them.

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    Merlinhoot     Tue, Jun 2, 2009  Permanent link
    Or... they are we and have never left.