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    In-Organic Room
    This is a mediation between technology and technique. This room inherently not seamless as it is full of seams which negotiates the organization of tectonic elements.
    Renderings shown here are endemic of the digitally generated forms with variation in technique and style that may only be readily visible to those following the current trends. With Catia being taught at architecture schools and 3D Printers in MIT being printing out a small dwellings in concrete, such forms may all readily be built in the next decades.

    However, can a room like this be a promotion for what's to materialize in the future? Once people and furniture are present inside -the space is compromised. The seams are obscured and the scaleless quality is erased. The walls to the ends may be revealed as windows, or the windows as a promise are broken. The tension in confusion are too quickly erased for them to matter.
    In conclusion, it's the multiple possibilities of interpretations that makes certain digitally created spaces alluring, and once they are placed outside of the digital and rendered physically, their allure vanishes. This room is not meant to be experienced in a physical spatial navigation.

    The purveyors of such spaces should not be looking towards fabrication, but more towards experience without physical presence to create an affect.

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