Comment on Nicholson Baker on Wikipedia

meika Wed, Apr 23, 2008
I remember a conversation with Paul Holloway about writing anovel, it would have been the late seventies, more like the early eighties, just before we grew up, we discussed writing a novel in which it would take the character most of the book to get out of bed and eat breakfast because it would be side tracked by economic and historical minutia, the details of every little thing that made up his room, we focussed on his shoelaces a lot, as the history of fibre and twine is quite involved, we hoped to have a large section on comparitive natural fibres: jute, hemp, cotton etc, Of course we never wrote it, it was just an idea, so now, tell me, is The Mezzanine like that? Have our plans been ruined?

Please, only answer if you have not yet read it.