Comment on Manifesto for the Forthcoming: Part II

meganmay Tue, Jan 8, 2008
There is not the same sense of fixed identity - even a person's name will change during their life.

I think this type of fluidity is absolutely essential to mention in any kind of manifesto for Space Collective and/or the future in general. In a time when things are changing so rapidly, the idea that one would follow an absolutely linear path seems like a poorly conceived survival strategy concocted from an unreasonable fear of the unknown that's unfortunately programmed into our rationally minded western civilization. It would seem to me however, that this fear is in fact based on the very idea that man is in control of his world, and the tighter the grip the shakier the hand. Of course, the impulse to cling onto something solid is somewhat understandable. Here we are, walking around on this sphere floating in space trying to understand what the hell we're doing here. But it's absolutely fantastic and I see no reason why would we ever need to fully understand it. If we are going to revise the grand narrative I would hope that we can paint ourselves as inquiring minds built to be ready for anything, rather than slaves to some deity or absolute rulers of the planet, and I think Space Collective is helping to make this happen. Likewise...more on this to come.