Comment on Manifesto for the Forthcoming: Part II

Rourke Thu, Jan 10, 2008
Thanks Wildcat, that's a great link. Don't they also think that Papua New Guinea has the most 'uncontacted' tribes still left in the world? I remember watching a questionable documentary which followed an even more questionable 'explorer' into a deep, Papua New Guinean jungle in search of such a tribe. When they finally contacted the uncontactable tribe they noticed that they all sported plastic beads around their necks. On top of that, the tribe wouldn't allow them any closer to their camp, but hung around just long enough for the filmcrew to give them some more Western, mass-produced tit-bits.

It was as if they had been playing the explorers for fools.

Imagine if aliens landed on Earth and we hid all our cool technology, dressed in Pre-Victorian garb and denied we understood enough to see the significance of their arrival. The aliens would quickly get bored and fly off elsewhere, but not before they handed us primitives some cool, shiny toys to play with.

The pollution of cultures happens at levels from language upwards, and it seems to work both ways. As Picasso said as he left the ancient, painted caves of Northern France, "We have learnt nothing."