Comment on The Components of Thought Have Exploded

meika Mon, Jan 14, 2008
Good points.

In their groups section they have a BB/forum-like discussions, and others are thinking along the same lines.

Apparently the difficulty lies in using the biggest open book database which disallows APIs, discussion here:—

We are certainly planning on releasing a full-featured API that is just what you are describing, and I'm pumped about it. We just have to find the time to do it. :)

Also they have an API page.

We can link to books on librarything link this:

Unearthed: The Aboriginal Tasmanians of Kangaroo Island by Rebe Taylor. Wakefield Press (2004), Paperback, 390 pages

Tags are done like this:

(Feel free to add more books to that tag!)

No way of limiting a tag's use to a particular group, nor to admin a group to a particular set of users.

So for minor hackers and tweakers we could generate librarything links in our posts easily enough.

A library project on spacecollective could oversee a usage of librarything data though. In my post I used links but I will be using librarything's social context from now on. It's still early days for librarything.

The plus side for librarything is that real libraries are using it, including my local State library here in Tasmania. Not just amazon data (tend to be best for post dotcom boom titles really).

But for it to work generally we'd need some support from spacecollective webmaster designers.

While I dont like cluttering interfaces, for a particular library/canon retro-media project, tools could be included in the entry options bar, such that for a library/canon project an additonal link button dedicated (for example) to librarything would be nice. The button would create a link for a post and add book to a list on spacecollective, preferably with a tag, including suggester's name tag.

thoughts anyone?