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All things would be visibly connected if one could discover at a single glance and in its totality the tracings of an Ariadne’s thread leading thought into its own labyrinth.
- Georges Bataille
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    The Next Great Revolution in Reality
    This post was originally composed for my blog and published many moons ago. Since its conception my position on the three movements of thought outlined below has evolved considerably. To reflect this I have also posted an appendix here. Please do not overlook the original post for the wonderful insights of its commenters.

    I hope you enjoy this experiment in thought:


    According to Freud there have been three great scientific revolutions that completely re-drew the boundaries which border human reality:

    • Copernican: Where our geocentric perspective of the cosmos was revolutionised by the concept of the human world, the Earth, as being one mere weave within the infinite cosmic tapestry of creation.
    • Darwinian: Where our view of man as the pinnacle of God's reality was overthrown by the idea that life evolved from nothing. The revolution in which our egocentric universe was crushed under the image of mankind as 'mere' hairless, ape descendants.
    • Freudian/Psychological: Where the self which governs all action within our minds was displaced by the notion of the unconscious. The control we perceive as consciousness is nothing but waves lapping on the shores of the innumerable archipelagos of reality the brain rules over.

    Each of these revolutions was to displace mankind as centre of our world and thus humiliate our egocentric position. Yet, parodoxical as it may seem, these scientific upheavals have increased our intimacy with reality, adding meaning to our existence without invoking religion.

    We are but one species amongst millions of mutation-governed organisms, ruled over by the nature of brains we have little understanding of and cast on our single planet afloat an infinite cosmological sea. Each shift exposing a deeper purpose, without God; each individual note when composed together dictates the flowing melody that is our existence.

    I believe it is only a matter of time before the next great revolution in science; in reality arrives on our doorsteps. A shift in perspective that attains equal scientific, social and theological significance as the ones outlined above. Once again, this revolution will alter the nature of reality, as perceived by us, at the most fundamental level. So I ask you...

    What will it be? Has it already begun? And finally, will religion still be able to find a foothold on the human psyche once it has happened?

    Let your Earth-bound, ape-evolved, unconscious imaginations go wild on this one...

    (The appendix for this post, and a question in its own right, can be viewed here...)

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    Rourke     Wed, Jan 16, 2008  Permanent link
    Why no comments? I thought this post was going to attract a bundle. I'd love to know your thoughts/ideas...
    dragon     Sat, Jan 26, 2008  Permanent link
    k, i'll begin by noting that revolution #3 has not (to my knowledge) changed that much, so a few people have realized that free will doesn't exist & that effectively our *soul* is nothing more than a more complex feedback mechanism for dealing with & overcoming stimuli. It doesn't change anything, because even if we choose to acknowledge it, fundamentally we cannot alter or overcome it, as fundamentally it negates that very imperative. And if we choose to accept this; it raises conflict with logic "we're going to die anyway, fuck it". So we choose to ignore/put out of our minds this truth and live with our emotions because they are more truthful to us than anything else we can encounter in the physical world.

    As a spin-off to this, I see the next revolution of humanity as a rejection of science and logical thinking (to a less than definite extent). "Thinking with the heart, and not with the mind". With the logical and precise destruction of religion and non-realistic ideas because of their being 'illogical' humanity will move back to our most carnal instincts (eating, sleeping, fucking and having a good time)... Some (like a new/this space collective) will break this trend and the cycle will begin again.

    Another possible revolution would come with the worldwide knowledge and understanding of elementary particles, or the discovery of a smaller/unknown elementary particle which changes everything forever. ie. everything is made of spaks, when spaks arrange themselves in different shapes they form quarks, neutrinos, etc etc (I'm not sure how much the general public would actually care, but for the rest of us, can we arrange spaks to make stuff that doesn't exist naturally in nature???)

    The ability to bend/break time and or space would certainly change things, how plausible this is, especially within our lifetimes, is very questionable.

    leads quite well onto the next pinnacle of my long winded comment, the ability to prolong human life (ie extra 1000 year lifespan), would certainly fuck with the world as we know it. Would it be ok for everyone? who would be in charge of such technology?

    (ok, that's enough for now (totally up for discussion later)... I've been drinking and toking and losing the plot, you wanted some thoughts/ideas. sorry in advance if they don't 'fly')
    Yu Jie     Sat, Jan 26, 2008  Permanent link

    • The existence of multiple universes, proven in solid data and becoming a widely accepted belief.

    • Proving/dis-proving of super-natural occurrences, including God.

    • The re-vitalization of religion as the opiate of the masses- even more so than it is today. As soon as there are people disproving or proving the existence of god, in any religion, there would be a resurgence in the power that religion holds on the people.

    • Hyper-connectivity. Web 3.0, I don't dare venture a prediction into what technologies and tools this might bring, but it is safe to say that any revolution of the internet and the way we connect will drastically effect the world.

    In fact, I might put forth the idea that we already HAVE gone through another scientific revolution after the 3rd that Obvious has stated. The Internet! the World Wide Web has revolutionized the way people interact, the way people think and the ideals that people share.
    Maybe what people have started to call Web 2.0 is this large revolution in science, technology and interactivity that will spark a whole new perspective on the world.

    The world would never be the same after the development of the Internet