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Biologist restless explorer of matter in the Universe.
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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.
    Sat, Jul 21, 2012  Permanent link

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    i have a book, and you can make a differents combinations with real animals and create new species. Evolutionary play and anatomy forms.

    Wed, Jul 13, 2011  Permanent link
    Categories: Zoology, Evolution, Books, Art,
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    Compare where you live with others countries 
    Tue, Jul 12, 2011  Permanent link
    Categories: life, world, Home, Status
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    To see beyond the guts,
    I cut you like paper sheets,
    so thin that the light will go through.

    And if i look closer,
    I can see you chromatic cells,
    in piles and organized.

    And as I watch you more carefully,
    I realize that you work as a whole thing,
    something composed of complex material,
    irritable and almost perfect,
    a life matter.

    Scientific Art Photography. Animals Tissues By Santiago Luca Hardy
    Mon, Jul 11, 2011  Permanent link
    Categories: Art, Photography, Biology, Histology
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