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    Guatemala Sinkhole
    GUATEMALA CITY — Maria del Carmen de Ramirez's house is just as she left it when she fled into the evening during a torrential downpour, as a cavernous sinkhole opened up and swallowed the clothing factory next door.

    A week later, de Ramirez hasn't dared go back inside to pick up so much as a toothbrush. "All I have is what people have given me," she told The Associated Press on Saturday.

    Some 66 feet (20 meters) across, nearly 100 feet (30 meters) deep and almost a perfect circle at its gaping mouth, the sinkhole opened up suddenly May 30 in Ciudad Nueva, a 1930s-era neighborhood full of art deco buildings and broad streets.

    Many who lived nearby have abandoned their homes, while those who remain say they are in constant fear of another collapse — one that could be deadly this time.

    Sat, Jun 5, 2010  Permanent link

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    gamma     Sun, Jun 6, 2010  Permanent link
    Its the power of the pyramids.
    nagash     Wed, Jun 9, 2010  Permanent link
    the peninsula of Yucatan have an amazing complex of underground rivers. this is unique on Earth, and it's what sustained their rain-forests for millenia. there are several "holes" like this one, and the Mayans called they the "entrances" to the underworld - they believed that, when you die, you had to travel your way through these caves to Xibalba.

    there's a great documentary about the first divers who dared to explore those underground rivers, as they try to map and understand it. I really recommend watching it in hi-resolution (the images are breath-taking), but if you want to take a look, it's available on youtube...

    on this documentary, the divers alert about the dangers of building a city above these underground rivers, both to secure human lives and to preserve this wonder of nature. too bad people don't listen...
    gamma     Thu, Jun 10, 2010  Permanent link
    The power of the Xibalba tunnels!
    gamma     Thu, Jun 10, 2010  Permanent link
    There are actually, many deep blue holes around the gulf of Mexico, i.e. the Caribbean circle.
    nagash     Fri, Jun 11, 2010  Permanent link
    more sinkholes...