Comment on A Logical Fate?

Schmuck Mon, May 3, 2010
Well of course there may be factors we have yet to understand, I just found it an interesting idea.

However, the ever reliable source of Wikipedia says on the subject of chaos:

Chaotic systems consequently appear disordered and random. However, they are actually deterministic systems governed by physical or mathematical laws, and so are completely predictable given perfect knowledge of the initial conditions.

So it could be argued that chaos, while appearing unpredictable to us, is still an aspect of the Big Bang, and so is still governed by the same rules which govern everything else.

Of course we don't have the "perfect knowledge" that the article refers to, but logically chaos does come from where everything else comes from, and so what we refer to as chaos could be yet another factor which combines with every other aspect of the Universe all of which theoretically trace back to the Big Bang.