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    Amen Break

    The author of the video starts by explaining the background of the famous 6-second-music-sample. But, the information given goes beyond, think of:

    • Musical development

    • Musical revolution

    • Musical evolution

    • The power of labels

    • Copy-right and musical copy-right

    • The good-old-times

    Original Link:
    Nate Harrison

    Fri, Dec 12, 2008  Permanent link

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    aeonbeat     Mon, Dec 15, 2008  Permanent link
    beside rhythm music consists also timbre and melody and harmony... it's just about the inspiration - most of the rock bands took the timbre pattern for the guitar sound from earlier composers, same as the original composers of the 'amen brother' song step on something else before them. there's no property, nor material, neither intellectual, we don't possess anything eternally... someone used it for corrupted goals and we don't get what we deserve? oh, yes we do... there's a higher order and it's "slightly" different from man made jurisdiction, be it moral justice or simply money related issues...

    however i enjoyed watching and listening to this really much!
    Xarene     Tue, Dec 16, 2008  Permanent link
    Nate Harris
         Sun, Dec 21, 2008  Permanent link
    Nate Harris mentions how copyright all falls into this. He explains how sampling has become controlled by the $$$ hierarchical system. I find it especially interesting in light of recent developments, namely how corporate-owned artists are appropriating underground music for profits, because now we have the same folks who pursue oppressive legal action against those who do one thing doing something that makes them pretty hardcore hypocrites.

    The two examples I'm talking about are Crystal Castles using samples from underground chiptunes artists in "love and caring" (that song gets stuck in my head often) and "Insecticon". No big deal in my eyes, because they never released the songs and never played them at live shows, so therefore they never made money off of it, and therefore I have no problem with them as a lot of people seemed to have back when the issue was brought to light. However, the second example I have to mention is Timbaland, who pulled off this crap. Okay, so the use of some of the music in that nelly furtado song? Whatever, at least it wasn't a terrible song or anything (And I'm speaking from outside of my opinion, I think that song along with most timbaland/nelly furtado really sucked... By the way, my city has an official "nelly furtado day" since she was born here, oh barf). Timbaland's defense for it was righteous and dismissive, and his motives for making music are quite obviously not for the sake of the music and party but more like for the sake of $$$, but whatever, it's pretty funny to me that such a big name has such an esoteric and nerdy taste in music. However, what wasn't publicized as much and what came to light after the nelly furtado song issue was the discovery that he was making more money than most people by effortlessly throwing some lame beat over the ripped off song for a fucking annoying ringtune! Now this is what I call seriously lame profits on someone else's passion and effort:

    This documentary was made back in 2004, back when jungle was still somewhat fresh to me. I remember that year telling myself that if I ever saw drum and bass in a car commercial, then I'd stop liking it as much. Guess what happened? It sucks how it kind of died like that :(

    Back on the subject of the amen break itself, this looks like lots of fun: