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The truth knocks on the door and you say, "Go away, I'm looking for the truth," and so it goes away. (Robert Pirsig)
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    The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in...
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    The Hyper-Evolution of Self-Evolution
    Project: Polytopia
    The Hyper-Evolution of Self-Evolution has already begun to shatter the bones and frames of everyone and everything humans know and think humans know...but let me start from the beginning.

    The following is an excerpt from a post by rene entitled,
    "SpaceCollective’s Grand Narrative."

    "According to Kahle [Brewster Kahle runs the Internet Archive], there are roughly 26 million books in the library of congress, the largest print library in the world. This may seem like a lot of books, but in the digital age it doesn’t represent that many data. On the web, for example, an equivalent amount of information as is printed in the total number of books is posted online every two months.

    When you consider that at the moment it takes one person a year to scan 3000 books, it means that all 26 million titles can be scanned by the population of Detroit in the course of one long weekend. In terms of computer storage the entire content of a book on average takes up only one megabyte. Twenty six million megabytes translates into 26 terabytes, which can easily be stored in a box that comfortably fits on one small shelf."

    The Hyper-Evolution of Knowledge

    Rene's posting makes it abundantly clear that the amount of information at the fingertips of anyone with internet access, far surpasses the capacity of even the most exhaustive house of knowledge planted in physical-reality.

    In fact, the ever-growing power of cyber-reality has thrust mankind into a kind of epistemological overdrive, into The Hyper-Evolution of Knowledge.

    For there is now a very real possibility for anyone at any time and in almost any place, to know virtually anything he or she so desires. And as access and usage spread, more and more people are fulfilling this Grand Potential.

    This is a quantum leap in human evolution.

    (Image by unknown)

    The Hyper-Evolution of Self-Evolution

    Such premises entail the only limitations remaining between human beings and mass superintelligence are the circumscriptions of their imaginations.

    Giving credence to the idea that the human imagination appears unbounded, it seems fair to say human creatures are in a period deserving of the label, The Hyper-Evolution of Self-Evolution.

    Questions of Consequence

    The Hyper-Evolution of Self-Evolution has already begun to shatter the bones and frames of everyone and everything humans know and think humans know.

    This is good because to exceed one's own expectations of themselves as well as the human race, to propel each other to even greater glories, past perceptions/inclinations/realities must be dispelled.

    Old and decrepit branches of the Tree of Man must break off for the trunk to support the crown as it extends into the heavens.

    But, will we become mired in billions of terabytes of data, losing sight of the blade of grass amidst the vastness of the prairie?

    Will each piece of information become less important as the pool of knowledge floods the human psychic world?

    Or, will the average person become capable of understanding more about that blade of grass in a matter of minutes, than even the great Walt Whitman himself was able to comprise in an entire lifetime of brilliance (see Leaves of Grass)?

    Will the human mind and the human race adapt to perhaps the most abrupt evolutionary development in its history, becoming at some levels a collection of Übermenschen?

    The Question Answering Itself?

    Interestingly, as man's greatest tool, the Internet is increasingly amassing data which addresses this very phase in human evolution.

    And so, the understanding required for humankind to maximize the potential of their evolutionary ripening is likely to come from that which triggered the evolutionary ripening.

    In a sense, the Internet may provide both the question and the answer - both the challenge and the resolution.


    In conclusion, as we hyperspeed into a world where human advancement (along with human imperilment) burgeons at an ever-increasing pace and by almost unfathomable leaps and bounds, transforming everything known and unknown - we remain as we have - self-evolving creatures limited only by our minds.

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