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I have created some Post-Scarcity symbols for people to share. Post-Scarcity is an infrequently mentioned aspect of the Singularity. Increased awareness of Post-Scarcity could increase popular support for the Singularity, thus my PS symbols are available for people to share. Use them in any way you desire.
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    I am a staunch PS advocate.

    Post-Scarcity is the only way forward.

    Recent riots in England UK have shown us how people desperately need hope for the future.

    I have been aware of the destructive aspect of desperation for a long while. Creating hope for the future is vital if we want to live in a harmonious, happy, and sustainable world. I have therefore been trying to generate awareness regarding Post-Scarcity because this will create supreme hope. Post-Scarcity will create utopia via intelligence exploding due to the Singularity.

    Sadly my PS symbols have not yet gained popular support but nevertheless I continue to mention them from time to time. I am currently in the process to updating my PS symbols. New crisper, updated, more refined versions will be available in a few weeks. In the meantime I will include a few animated PS symbols with these words.

    All conflict, disorder, authoritarianism, oppression, hatred, sadness, or discontent depends upon scarcity. Scarcity of resources is very destructive, very harmful. I hope you will be inspired to share the PS meme.

    Post Scarcity means everything will be free. Intelligence, creativity, life, and happiness will be limitless. Everyone can appreciate the intense happiness of everything being free. It will be purest utopia.

    You can share these animated images limitlessly. Right click the image to save it and then copy it as many times as you desire. You are free to use this unlimited supply of images.

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    Regarding the political letter writing campaign, to raise Singularity awareness within political arenas (and to increase investment in science and technology); at least two people I'm aware of have received replies from the UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills.

    Here's a copy of one reply, published via the kind permission of The Rt Hon David Willetts MP, regarding the English Government's view of the Singularity...

    David Willetts letter

    You can see there is no need to be frightened by politicians. David Willetts doesn't endorse the Singularity but you can see he and his Government are supportive of science therefore steps have been taken to protect funding for science. David is also sure Singularity issues (biotech, nanotech, AI, Stem Cells) will "...contribute significantly to the overall scientific wealth..." and he's sure "...they will continue to add to human progress in years to come."

    Politicians would be more likely to take Singularity issues seriously if more people started writing letters to their politicians. If more people write Singularity-letters then at least politicians will realize increased funding for science and technology is an important issue for voters. You can make a difference. Write a letter today.

    Reference to Ray Kurzweil by David Willetts. Questions for Ray.

    David Willetts recognizes Ray Kurzweil's contribution to Singularity-awareness but when David states 'this future is based on conjecture' David is being unjustly dismissive.

    David Willetts states there's a lack of formal evidence for the Singularity and he claims the Singularity has been criticized by "...a number of writers and in a number of publications including The Economist." On the issue of The Economist criticism, this recent Economist video somewhat refutes the notion of The Economist taking a wholly critical stance. Here is a blog from The Economist, which also doesn't appear critical.

    In the above letter from David Willetts, regarding the reference to Ray Kurzweil, I've asked Ray to comment. Via Ray's personal assistant I put the following questions to Ray:

    1. What are Ray's opinions on the issue of the Singularity within the political arena?

    2. Does Ray intend to contact David Willetts MP regarding David's dismissal of the Singularity?

    3. What are Ray's views regarding the response from David Willetts MP?

    Ray is currently traveling overseas but in the near future I hope Ray will explain his views on the Singularity in connection with politics. I hope Ray will contact David Willetts MP to convince The Right Honorable Member of Parliament that the evidence for the Singularity is compelling enough to warrant political acknowledgment.

    In my opinion the evidence of the forthcoming Singularity is sufficient to warrant political response. If the Singularity remains an issue outside of the political arena we cannot expect serious support for the Singularity. Approximately 3 million old people die each month therefore immortality associated with the Singularity should be a key political issue. If politicians are unwilling to accept the concept of the Singularity they should surely acknowledge the end of aging is within sight, thus more should be done to accelerate medical immortality.

    We need greater investment in science and technology. Nanotech, biotech, and Stem Cell research should be exceedingly prominent political issues deserving of massive funding. 3 million global deaths each month is a shocking degree or mortality therefore politicians should be addressing this massive loss of life. These Singularity issues deserve massive political support.

    Eternal youth is something all voters can relate to. Nearly all women would rather not have wrinkles; and most men would enjoy being perpetually in their early twenties because erectile dysfunction is predominantly a problem for middle-aged or elderly men. There are many reasons why people want eternal youth. Some reasons for youthful immortality are superficial and some reasons are more serious such as averting heart disease or Alzheimer's disease.

    If you haven't yet written a letter to your politician or Government please consider doing so. If you are unsure about how to express these issues here's a template letter to give you an idea of what to write. You can use the template letter, or modify it to better represent your own words. You can change the world. Write a letter today!

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    This is an explosive seed regarding the evolution of your superhuman powers. Very soon we will become super-eternal-beings. This is a mind-boggling mind-expanding prelude to your intelligence exploding. The explosive power of your intelligence will reverberate throughout all universes. The power of the explosion is the greatest event imaginable.

    Hyperlink - click image for source:


    The complexity of our inconceivable futuristic-brainpower beckons. It is enthralling; it is mystifying, it is laden with immense possibilities. It inspires our imaginations. It tickles our synapses. It is UTOPIA.... it is the Singularity. Here is a seed of power growing daily into immense tremendousness. Utterly stupendous energy awaits. Harmonious patterns interconnect. Our brains pulsate.


    Google Search "Explosion"
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    Medium Size PS symbol. 


    The power of positive thinking.... "Hope" can make the world a better place if enough people are hopeful.

    Imagine being locked in a hotel for two weeks with 100 psychopaths, or 100 hopeless depressives. Imagine what type of social interactions/culture would occur in such a situation. The psychopaths may try to kill you and the depressives could make you feel depressed.

    Now imagine living in a world full of despairing people without any hope for the future. If those despairing people could be given hope you could change their interpersonal/social/cultural reactions/actions. If you change enough minds you can change the world..

    Optimism (expectations of utopia) can eliminate hate and misery because people change their behaviour according to their outlook.

    Mass global awareness of Post-Scarcity will end all financial misery.


    Awareness of forthcoming Post Scarcity is exceedingly important during our insecure economic era. Simple awareness of Post-Scarcity on a global scale has the potential to eliminate enormous suffering. Post-Scarcity awareness could massively increase popular support for the Singularity because a future where everything is free is a benefit everyone can appreciate.

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    I have created some International Post-Scarcity Symbols for people to share

    I want to raise the level of awareness regarding Post-Scarcity because this will eliminate immense suffering in the world. Awareness of Post-Scarcity will give people hope for the future.

    There is a lot of financial sorrow in the world but alleviating this sorrow in not the main purpose of the symbols I have created. The main purpose is to increase popular support for the Singularity, which incidentally will also decrease sorrow.

    I believe Post-Scarcity awareness can make our world a better place.

    The PS symbols will be available for download on 1st September 2010
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    Via tackling the fallacy of objectivity I am raising important points about rationality, reality, and subjectivity.

    Objectivity is a fallacy because if a human removes himself or herself from his or her emotions and perceptions the human then ceases to be human. It is simply not possible to be objective. Emotions are essential for higher brain functioning. Emotions can never be objective.

    Views corresponding to reality are defined as truth (accuracy). The question we need to consider is this: what is reality? Humans possess emotions. The human possession of emotions is an important truth from my viewpoint. Emotions are a fundamental aspect of high-level-cognition. Emotions motivate intellectual (analytical) endeavours. Pain, pleasure, happiness, sorrow, and despair are powerful motivating factors. Without such emotional motivations cognition would lobotomized. Emotions are essential for consciousness. What therefore is the truth or accuracy of emotions (reality)? In our modern-repressive-world there is a tendency to shun emotions. Objectivity is the great falsehood of modern thinking because objectivity is impossible. Objectivity is a delusion akin to believing you can pull yourself up by your own boot-strings. Reality-fascism (emotion-fascism) demeans the value of subjectivity.

    Reality is processed within the brain of each individual. Reality (for individuals) does not exist if there are no individuals to make it real. If no humans were alive then reality would not exist. "Reality" is a human invention; it is a word utterly dependent upon the existence of humans for it to be real. We can speculate about the reality of animals (or trees and rocks) but because animals cannot understand the concept of "reality in humans terms" we cannot be sure "reality" exists for animals. Reality is a subjective experience. Reality is something unique for each individual. There are common things we can agree on within reality because we all share the human-commonality, but despite commonalities each of our realities differs because we all tread different paths in life causing us to experience different personality-changing emotions. Subjectivity is therefore the epitome of rationality.


    Regardless of differing personalities (induced by differing life-paths) it is possible there is an ideal type of thinking, feeling, action, reality, rationality, or personality for all situations and all people. This ideal hypothetical, globally applicable, modality of thought and feeling is not objectivity because it does not come from outside the human existential system. The problem is that anyone outside the human system (such as a hypothetical God, A.I., or Aliens) cannot accurately determine the true type of ideal cognition for humans. Furthermore nobody is outside the system, all entities are tainted by their bias, their subjectivity.

    This ideal universal mode of thought and feeling for humans, implied by so-called "objectivity", could be true for the entire human race but all humans are tainted by their own bias, their subjectivity, thus we cannot decree a universal solution for human cognition. What is right and what is wrong? Differences of opinion between individual minds (personality and reality) could be due to delusional, flawed thinking, whereby some people misunderstand reality; or different world views possessed by humans could occur because there are many equally valid worldviews.

    This human problem of values arises because we analyze all situations (and ourselves) via potentially flawed measuring devices (our subjective human minds), therefore how can we say who is truthful and who is deluded? Honesty is the solution, but only to thine own self be true can we be true. Many people think they are being true, but many people allege many people are deluded. Sometimes people think they are being true when they are not. Everyone has at one time made a mistake, but I cannot truly assert all people have been mistaken about reality on at least one occasion. I am not intimately familiar with every individual mind in the world, furthermore such intimacy with another mind is impossible. The external measurement of honesty (the evaluation of honesty in others) is a biased measurement based upon the peculiarities of the individual mind responsible for the measurement.

    Internal measurement of honesty will always the ultimate form of truthful measurement because we are subjective. When we wish to impose our measurements on other people we lean towards fascism and when we accept people (their ideologies and feelings for who they are) we lean towards anarchism. The ultimate reality-mind-personality-rationality-fascism (measured from the deluded objectivity viewpoint) would be to impose futuristic nanobot brain-rewriting upon everyone to create a uniform mind-personality for all individuals, but who will decide the pattern? The subjective (truthful) viewpoint sees how we are all individuals, thus all biased, therefore we must not force other people to conform to our views because we cannot be certain we are truthful. Subjectivity is rationality. Rationality is the potential to recognize how our minds could be deluded. All realities are true. Everybody is rational (or irrational). We can only hope that the majority of people agree with our individual truths. We can never really know another person's mind.

    Technology and science is a good thing but we should never utilize knowledge to impose supposedly universal truths on people. Diversity and subjectivity must be upheld.

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