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I have created some Post-Scarcity symbols for people to share. Post-Scarcity is an infrequently mentioned aspect of the Singularity. Increased awareness of Post-Scarcity could increase popular support for the Singularity, thus my PS symbols are available for people to share. Use them in any way you desire.
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    Project: Polytopia
    Medium Size PS symbol. 


    The power of positive thinking.... "Hope" can make the world a better place if enough people are hopeful.

    Imagine being locked in a hotel for two weeks with 100 psychopaths, or 100 hopeless depressives. Imagine what type of social interactions/culture would occur in such a situation. The psychopaths may try to kill you and the depressives could make you feel depressed.

    Now imagine living in a world full of despairing people without any hope for the future. If those despairing people could be given hope you could change their interpersonal/social/cultural reactions/actions. If you change enough minds you can change the world..

    Optimism (expectations of utopia) can eliminate hate and misery because people change their behaviour according to their outlook.

    Mass global awareness of Post-Scarcity will end all financial misery.


    Awareness of forthcoming Post Scarcity is exceedingly important during our insecure economic era. Simple awareness of Post-Scarcity on a global scale has the potential to eliminate enormous suffering. Post-Scarcity awareness could massively increase popular support for the Singularity because a future where everything is free is a benefit everyone can appreciate.


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