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I have created some Post-Scarcity symbols for people to share. Post-Scarcity is an infrequently mentioned aspect of the Singularity. Increased awareness of Post-Scarcity could increase popular support for the Singularity, thus my PS symbols are available for people to share. Use them in any way you desire.
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    Post Scarcity (PS) Meme coming soon.
    Project: Polytopia
    I am a staunch PS advocate.

    Post-Scarcity is the only way forward.

    Recent riots in England UK have shown us how people desperately need hope for the future.

    I have been aware of the destructive aspect of desperation for a long while. Creating hope for the future is vital if we want to live in a harmonious, happy, and sustainable world. I have therefore been trying to generate awareness regarding Post-Scarcity because this will create supreme hope. Post-Scarcity will create utopia via intelligence exploding due to the Singularity.

    Sadly my PS symbols have not yet gained popular support but nevertheless I continue to mention them from time to time. I am currently in the process to updating my PS symbols. New crisper, updated, more refined versions will be available in a few weeks. In the meantime I will include a few animated PS symbols with these words.

    All conflict, disorder, authoritarianism, oppression, hatred, sadness, or discontent depends upon scarcity. Scarcity of resources is very destructive, very harmful. I hope you will be inspired to share the PS meme.

    Post Scarcity means everything will be free. Intelligence, creativity, life, and happiness will be limitless. Everyone can appreciate the intense happiness of everything being free. It will be purest utopia.

    You can share these animated images limitlessly. Right click the image to save it and then copy it as many times as you desire. You are free to use this unlimited supply of images.

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