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    Creative Destruction
    Follows is some disturbing news about ritual child sacrifice in India, I then lend some thoughts from a different perspective than the original article, which poses the normal reasons for the murder, illiteracy and superstition.

    A seven-year-old girl was ritually murdered and her liver offered to the gods in return for good agricultural harvest in the central state of Chhattisgarh, India, police said on Sunday.
    According to Narayan Das, police chief of Bijapur district, in a telephone conversation with AFP: "A seven-year-old girl was sacrificed by two persons superstitiously believing that the act would give a better harvest."

    Read more:

    Here is my first response since I read the article, beyond empathy;

    A new field in Business Information Technology is the practice of creative destruction, in this simulated environment idea are constantly broken down to the point of destruction and the use of subtractive synthesis creates some pretty powerful tools, faster than the evolution model. All descendants of the original idea, sacrifice.

    What ideas would you choose to share with an old tribe in India that may dis-entangle child sacrifices from the nightmares of mothers?

    1. Simulation -would this be through story telling?

    I have no other data to describe the tribe at this time, nor the Shaman who prescribed the sacrifice or the relationships and bonds within the group.

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