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    Thoughts about ColleX
    Project: Polytopia
    Here are a few thoughts inspired by Wildcat's post The ColleX. I came up with the following conceptual model:

    In its broadest sense, ColleX can be thought of as the convergence of three forces/processes;emergence, consciousness and language. In this triangle, emergence is the creative process, consciousness is the reflective/selective process, and language is the focusing and defining process.

    In a higher dimensional space, we would see this model turning into a complex dynamic interplay of these processes which might be visualized like this:

    The interplay between emergence, language and consciousness, as three spirals in motion revolving around each other, each being a strange attractor for the other two. This combined dynamics gives rise to the three aspects of intelligent motion: the artistic, the conceptual, and the insightful.

    This ‘strange attractiveness’, the force of emergence attracting consciousness, consciousness attracting language, language attracting emergence and so on, is how intelligence is propelled.

    Interest emerges then as a meta phenomenon if the combination of these forces bring forth a coordinated dance. Interest thus becomes the direction of intelligence. The X is both the unknown at the origin of this meta-process, and its incomputable outcome. Intelligence seems to be if so a motion between unknowns of a different quality of organization.

    I would like to suggest a somewhat more abstract understanding of ColleX. Prior to this, a working definition for mind is needed, and I base it on the conceptual model above (this can be discussed and expanded later, if it is of interest):

    Briefly, mind is any natural complex phenomenon that exhibits at least the following three fundamental processes:

    • Emergence, which loosely means the arising of unpredictable complex patterns of behavior from relatively simple lower level predictable interactions.

    • Conscious reflectivity, which loosely means observation and self observation (The generation of distinctions and contextualization).

    • Language (as process), which loosely means the recursive coordination and representation of interactions and distinctions, by that the generation of semantics.

    The combination of these three processes gives rise to what we relate to as mind.
    Potentially (yet not necessarily) the combined dynamics of these processes may become mutually coordinated and yield an organized pattern i.e. a direction. The glueing force and ordering principle of this organized pattern, is the ‘strange attractiveness’ mentioned above as interest. This state of affairs, or phase of a mind is what I suggest as the root definition of ColleX.

    ColleX is a state or a phase arising within a mind as a multiplicity with an intelligent unifying dynamics.

    Not every mind is in a ColleX state, but every ColleX is a state of a mind.

    An individual mind, when in ColleX state, is an interested mind. This is to be understood as engaging in a combination of artistic, conceptual or insightful intelligent motion.

    When a ColleX arises within a group of sentient beings, they in fact operate as a unified interested mind, as long as the ColleX is present. At such state, they are coupled within mutually self organized emergent, conscious and linguistic processes.

    Generally, the above model describes ColleX in all its modalities.

    Tue, Jan 22, 2008  Permanent link

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    sjef     Thu, Mar 27, 2008  Permanent link
    It would be interesting to see to what extent data visualisations based on the spacecollective user & post data would reflect this model.
    I could imagine that set out over time the networks created by the keywords & synapses would create a form similar to the abstraction above. (With a healthy amount of tweaking.)
    As the dataset builds it may be possible to see small sub-vortices forming around certain projects and/or subjects. If made navigable it would be a pretty cool way to explore the site.

    aeonbeat     Fri, Mar 28, 2008  Permanent link
    take a look at this