Comment on My cranium is open source?

rene Fri, Apr 25, 2008
In a former lifetime I made a feature film called ‘Hysteria’, in which I struggled with the mandatory dystopian outcome of futuristic themes in the movies described in my post SpaceCollective’s Grand Narrative:
In one cautionary tale after another, mad scientists threaten to push mankind over the edge. And without fail, these characters who set out to change the world are depicted as Frankensteinian ogres whose final comeuppance warns humanity that tampering with the Natural Order will inevitably cause us to screw up.

In this case a mad scientist/psychiatrist, played by Patrick McGoohan (known from 'Braveheart' and the great British cult TV series ‘The Prisoner’), has figured out a therapeutic way to connect his mental patients into a groupmind, not unlike SpaceWeaver’s “interconnected minds” giving rise to “the end of indivdualism as we know it."

Here’s a clip from the film:

The erotic implications of the conceit are thoroughly explored in a groupmind orgy, foreshadowing Spaceweaver’s conclusion that with regards to love the interconnected minds of the future hold some "fascinating consequences for those who would dare to experience it to its fullest.” As it happens, the French lyrics published in Wildcat’s comment show an uncanny similarity to the movie’s end title song: