Comment on Are we real ?

dangor Mon, Nov 17, 2008
Nice post spaceweaver, I really enjoyed that video. It gave me a new perspective on the "computer simulation" perspective of reality.

The question I have is this: if an intelligent being created a powerful computer that could simulate a world that itself contained intelligent beings that could create a similarly powerful computer, and so on and so forth, then would that not lead to an infinite amount of universes contained in that original computer? And if that is the case, then how could the original computer store this infinite amount of information, for even a quantum computer's memory is, in theory, finite? I don't think that this problem can be brushed aside because that very idea is premised on our own knowledge of computers and their possibilities, and I have never heard a computer scientist speak of a computer with infinite memory.

Perhaps the way around this problem would be a computer with a memory that is somehow organized using fractal math, so that an infinite amount of information could be stored in a finite space, but that is merely speculation.