Comment on Are we real ?

Spaceweaver Mon, Nov 17, 2008
Dangor: Of course you are right to point that the hypothesis of a simulated universe within a simulated universe ad, infinitum is fantastic, but it is fantastic only relative to our limited conceptual thought system and therefore cannot be dismissed on the grounds of our bewilderment alone. I see it as a possible window to expand the horizons of thought.

More specifically regarding your question, you can replace the concept of computer as an object with the concept of computation as a process. Suppose we could develop a computational process that is self replicating, or a computational process that generates its own memory and CPU resources in the course of being executed. Such process could start with an initial limited resources and transform space, time, matter and energy around it into more resources. Such computing process computes, among other things, its own expansion of resources. If this looks far fetched, think about the evolution of life. Life as we know it might well be such kind of computational process: it is self generative, and self expanding, organizing space, time, matter and energy into living patterns first on this planet, and lately, through he agency of human beings, even beyond this planet.

Beyond this point, I think this simulation hypothesis does point towards the possibility that our own cognitive processes are inherently recursive. The so called computer upon which this whole universe is simulated is no other than our own mind.