Comment on Pin-Yin Shi Shi Zao Ying Xiong! (part 2)

Infinitas Sun, Jan 4, 2009
The future world that I like to envision is one without a monetary system, where humans are no longer enslaved to one of their own creations. Greed has found its way into every aspect of our lives and it's driving us into oblivion. WC and Spaceweaver, you have mentioned many things that are troubling this planet and human race, but I believe that in order for us to reach those new and significant goals we must do away with greed (and apathy/ignorance). Every person is equal and it's disheartening knowing that we take advantage of each other and our planet. For example, with the fishing industry, the big problem is that no one owns the large majority of the ocean and people must catch as much as they can because tomorrow there might be none left.

There is one possible solution that I have been pondering over, but it is also one that goes against my beliefs of human freedom; I have really been struggling over this issue. What if there was a one-world government? All the issues about who can fish what, who owns what, ect. is no longer an issue. Though along with this comes a ton of gov't regulations and restrictions, which, I believe, greatly affect human free will and freedom. Whether or not you like this type of future world, it is one that is inevitable in human civilization, as long as we can prolong.

You have mentioned climate change and climate control and the use of one to stop the other. As a student majoring in Environmental Science and Geography, I firmly believe that man-made climate change is not real. Some 30,000 scientists are actually trying to sue Gore. ( The green movement is necessary but I feel like Gore has forced the wrong reasonings into it. We should conserve and preserve for the sake of the Earth and because we can, not for the sake of saving ourselves from doom. In reading I have come to my personal conclusion that Earth's climate is almost solely affected by the Sun. There is no real need to change the climate, unless we really do find ourselves entering a life-threatening heat/ice age, of which cycles actually do exist naturally. But yes, the ability to control the climate will be a significant one, and something not to be toyed with.

But in the end, we won't need to alter our natural environments much, if at all, if we had the energy. There is no reason whatsoever that any skyscrapers or buildings that are built from now on shouldn't be green, or somewhat green. I think developing something close to the final be-all, end-all of energy generators should be of top priority now. Because once we achieve something like that the whole world will be exponentially better. Recently I have been watching episodes of The Universe, which is on the History channel. In one episode they were discussing light and how it is the be-all end-all of everything. They were saying that one day we can use light as a data medium where information can be transmitted instantly over huge distancing in enormous amounts. But the trick is basically decoding light. I think that once we decode light we basically can do anything we can conceive.

Well that's my two cents for now. I hope I can do my part for the world once I graduate and head (hopefully) into energy efficiency.