Comment on Pin-Yin Shi Shi Zao Ying Xiong! (part 6 and last)

Fast T Mon, Jan 26, 2009
There are no few words that I can think of to relate to this series as a whole. Yet, I do wish to voice at least this: Traveling along the PinYin Shi Shi Zao Ying Xiong (here, i said it:) has been akin to an exciting ride in the adventure fair which is, lo and behold, our life. I wish to express my thanks for inviting us all to this interesting ride.

I find few lines towards the conclusion of this part of the series, especially important. It says:
As our reality becomes increasingly complex, we should all strive to become keen observers and critical thinkers, mindful to the subtleties and sensibilities of the vast conceptual ecology our minds exist in.
I think in this phrase you pinpointed to the extended responsibility in which we all share. It is not a trivial act at all, to address, mind and describe that which unfolds as our reality, in a fashion that supports and enhances a better future.
For this clear notion, so beautifully expressed, I wish to say thank you.