Comment on What if God disappeared?

gamma Mon, Mar 16, 2009
Yesterday I started preparing myself for what would happened if one of the fundamental interactions were different. Today I got to laugh. I don't think it is on the borderline - I think its straight forward educational work. (I might steal it for my blog god bless.)
There must be a center - origin of intuitive feeling for "god" that this lens of short educational movies could focus on. We could stimulate or explore that sense - like all senses.
OK, more of the other. There is plenty of good things to do in life thinking that universe is like idea, like me, like you, in our face. As you see all these chats about simulation argument, or weird functional (instructional) talking like hypnosis, even romance are keeping us FLOATING. I am not defending religion, I just have more room to discuss holy topics - there you go.