Comment on Mind - The need for a new model

Self-Evolving Mon, Jun 8, 2009

"Even the immense impact of science on our understanding of the brain and human psychology do not compensate for the fact that at the root of our deepest scientific understandings lays an obsolete theory of mind."

Which is what exactly?? And why/how is it obsolete? Do you mean the idea that the "the mind is what the brain does" conception?

Also, how do you really see, assuming the type of theory of mind you have in mind is possible, such a model translating into real life changes that will effect the problems you outlined above. It is my view that systems are inherently flawed, and thus government, the enviroment, etc., will unleash tumults because of their natural innate asymmetries. In other words, how will the average Joe that does not even care enough to pick up a newspaper be influenced by some breakthrough theory of mind? And if the average person does not attend to it, then what be its effectiveness? (I find the theory of mind quest invigorating, I just think the idea that it is going to solve the worlds problems is a bit far-fetched, at least at this stage of the game).

I'm glad to be back to the SC!