Comment on Changing our minds

meganmay Tue, Nov 24, 2009
I have not read the comments yet, but I think this post really hits the current human condition on the head. I was just listening to this radiolab post about how humans will have to seriously step-up their abstract thinking skills in order to survive the challenges we now face. The interviewee was of the opinion that we should be training our dorsal lateral pre-frontal cortices to strengthen our rational minds. I couldn't help but think we'll have to split our decision making 50/50 with computational reasoning. It's abundantly clear that something fundamental needs to change ...the fact the 53% of people wouldn't give up 50$ a month to remediate climate change is very disgruntling. Argle.

I think the campaign for a new humanity will have to appeal to the very nature we are trying to surpass. How do you compete with all the immediately gratifying streams of information?