Comment on Changing our minds

Nicodemus Demetrius Mon, Aug 9, 2010
Very pertinent post and comments on pressing and significant issues. I am still reading through the comments and links, but I thought I would in the meanwhile contribute what I can to the topic being discussed. Excuse me if I say what has already been said.

It seems important to me to note that we are not yet knowledgable as a race or as individuals about brain chemistry thoroughly enough to attempt to 'tweak' their current natural state directly, especially genetically. This is apparent enough by the confused attempts pharmacologically to achieve a desired and specific end result with any degree of consistence. This does not mean that I am completely opposed to experimentation with arbitrary modifications to neurochemistry.

I do know, however, as is mentioned in another of Spaceweaver's posts, that the societal and cultural impact on mind development is direct and appreciable: and this may be our greatest and most immediate avenue towards "brain enhancement", albeit culture is a difficult thing to manipulate; despite intelligent and concerted efforts it often appears to take a course of its own choosing, and this askew to any educated guesses made regarding the course of events.

It is plain to me that a mind functions at a much higher level when unnecessary environmental elements are at their least, and inspiration (from within and without) is greatest.

The factors just mentioned not only affect mind and brain function more significantly than other, more physically intrusive means, but are also more easily moderated and optimized, at least on a case-by-case basis.

This being said, I believe that the temporary effects on the mind brought about by so-called psychedelic activities (yoga/body awareness, meditation, psilocybin, mescaline, LSD, DMT, etc.), while not chemically permanent, nonetheless carry tremendous potential for positive progress and liberation from inferior human traits, these lower animal m.o.'s resident in our beings.

The various approaches at utilizing these "psychedelic" methods/drugs have been well studied and documented. Large doses of psychedelics, when well prepared for and supervised by experienced and capable parties (and by parties I don't mean all-night raves) have been shown to have extraordinary and irrefutably positive results, in an astounding percentage of documented cases. Of course there are many factors involved, and everything carries a risk, from romance, to driving to the store, to drinking the milk purchased at the store.

And this is a highly personal view which I take all responsibility and liability for: small doses of psychedelic substances, whether voluntarily or arbitrarily administered, have much more benefit than more commonly used and accepted psychotropic drugs, and less-to-no noticeable impact physically. And all of the chemicals that I mentioned by name above are completely non-toxic, with no known LD50, and never an instance of mortality. Immortality, perhaps, but this follows every good intention...

I may write more about this subject in the future, I am curious as to what people see as viable and ethical methods of "enhancement". I mean, "Waiter, what's in this soup?! It's delicious..."