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    Thoughts on the future of human evolution
    Project: Polytopia
    Here is the text and slide share of a lecture I gave at ECCO research group seminar at the free university of Brussels on Nov 4th 2009. Thoughts and comments are welcome.


    The Noetic perspective (from Greek: noetikos- mental; nous- mind) identifies the [human] mind as the nexus of the future evolution of humanity. At present, human evolution is a mental process rather than biological or technological process.

    The Noetic model describes mind as a relation generating complex system arising as a product of biological evolution and manifesting certain defining characteristics such as systemic closure, self reference, plasticity, etc. This model aims to integrate a systemic view with the mental constructs of the subjective plane. According to the Noetic model, human identity is a dynamic constructive process that brings forth the human observer as the subject of its perceptive and mental states. This process is identified as mind. Images and narratives are the elements encompassing the experiential and mental aspects of the identity process as they appear to the human observer.

    The idea of mind as the theater of evolutionary processes is further explored: Mind as a complex system can essentially be disassociated from the historical conditions of its emergence; therefore it is virtually unbound in its evolutionary potential. This has deep implications on the understanding of human nature and the human condition. Finally, the ideas of openness and freedom beyond utility are proposed as futuristic directives of consciously guided evolution of mind.

    The full text can be found here: Thoughts on the future of human evolution.pdf

    Thoughts On The Future Of Human EvolutionView more presentations from Weaver R. Weinbaum.

    Sat, Dec 5, 2009  Permanent link

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    Fast T     Sun, Dec 6, 2009  Permanent link
    Spaceweaver, taking the ride of this slideshow is (in a unique present continuum fashion) an inciting event and a scarce nuclei of beauty. Indeed in this eventful ride, I feel I am being joint(ed) and departing simultaneously. Reflections such as cascading in this kind of moments have me wonder how do we manage to do with the tool we call language, that is at the same time so fantastic and meager in articulation of our dynamic experience of being at/what we are.