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    Make Freedom, Put Freedom in Everything, Turn Freedom on
    It has been awhile since my last post. Yet, my ties with this community are as strong as ever.

    Here is a talk by Egen Moglem, I found recently. It has received too little circulation than what it deserves bringing to our attention the criticality of a free web to the future of humanity. Eben speaks about software as the 21st primary instrument of progression and freedom. In the light of recent events his talk is highly relevant and he speaks, I believe, of things which the SC community strongly resonates with.

    Links to the second and third parts of the talk:

    Part 2,
    Part 3

    If you enjoy watching it, care to further distribute.

    Thu, Oct 20, 2011  Permanent link

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    syncopath     Tue, Nov 29, 2011  Permanent link
    10x Spaceweaver for this post. Eben Moglen brilliantly voicing a clear & critical message, that impacts almost any context of any way of living we face and we are going to encounter within the 21st century. The link that goes all the way through free Software - free Net - free Culture - social & individual Freedom - is much too vague & fuzzy in the eyes of the layman, as it is fragile & vulnerable in the hands of the professionals. I find it much encouraging to encounter a voice of such a clear sight and spirit, so we may all go on and actually sustain an optimistic view of our possible futures .... -)

    Here are 2 short excerpts from Egen's phrasing:
    "... Wikipedia Wikileaks and Fosdem is ... the power of ordinary people to organize to change the world, without having to create hierarchy and without having to recapitulate the structures of power that are being challenged by the desire to make freedom."

    " .... What happened in Tunisia was, i thought, an eloquent rebuttal, to the idea that Wikileaks end of free culture and free software was primarily engaged in destruction, nihilism or ...... i shrink from even employing the word in this context - terrorism! It was instead - Freedom. Which is messy, complicated, potentially damaging in the short term, but salvational in the long term. The medicine for the human soul. It's hard, i know - because most of the time when we're coding, it doesn't feel like we are doing anything that the human soul is directly very much involved in - to take with full seriousness the political and spiritual meaning of free software at the present hour."
    elysium     Wed, Nov 30, 2011  Permanent link
    I'll just leave this here