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    From Sylvia J. Kalicinski's personal cargo

    Cerebral Foreplay Comes to Cannes

    How can a movie void of the typical Hollywood formula of tits, ass, and guns be so damn sexy and evocative? Ask any cerebral junkie to watch Ayoub Qanir’s latest film, Artificio Conceal, and soon you will find a list of reasons why his film is not only intelligently provocative- but the best mental foreplay on screen this year. Watching two men, dressed in suits, which enter the depths of tracing and mind hacking (as the camera pans out from their bare feet), transcends gender erotic and enters the fields of cerebral orgasms. Soon attendees of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2015, will have the pleasure of being mentally aroused by Qanir’s multi-faceted script — weaving in quantum physics, consciousness, power, systems theory, and the most powerful man-made concept: Time.

    For those who love a good mind tease, listening to Mr. Wallace can take you to a philosophical wonderland. Watching Artifico Conceal as a psychotherapist, not only took my thoughts to C.G. Jung’ s concepts of shadow and the unconscious but also to Gregory Batson’s theories of mind and pattern. The nature of meaning, pattern, and time in Qanir’s film lights of the pleasure center of the brain as you hear the words of Vitruvius: “Uncertainty, Mr. Wallace, is where God lives.” As the screen cuts to black, you are left with wanting more.

    Written by Sylvia Kalicinski, LMFT

    Sat, Apr 25, 2015  Permanent link

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