Comment on Our Algorithmic Reality

nagash Wed, Mar 17, 2010
what's the source of the 3 first paragraphs? they sound really familiar to me, but I don't know why...

sure, you are not the first and not the only to correlate our reality to computer programs. I do it all the time myself, and so does most people I talk - it only depends how familiar they are with machine logic, binaries, networks and stuff...

my opinion on why this metaphor resonates so deeply within, is because it's just the best metaphor we have on hand. over history, humans always tried to understand reality using allegories based on mathematics, agriculture, civilization, science... today we have algorithmic programs that give form to huge networks, and virtual worlds growing on complexity faster and faster... virtual realities are so far, the best allegories we have to understand what makes a reality - or something like that ; )

and just as a side note: Matrix 2 and 3 sucks to square, and cube, respectively hehehe