Comment on Our Algorithmic Reality

TheUndying Sun, Mar 21, 2010
Nagash: Those first three paragraphs- whether you're talking about the italicized or body paragraphs- are from me. But the entire theme of this post seems to be something that a lot of people compare our reality to as well, so I'm sure others have written similar thoughts.

Also I completely agree that the 2nd and 3rd installments to the The Matrix Trilogy do the original no justice at all. I don't know where the story went wrong lol. However I liked the scene in Reloaded where Neo meets with The Architect and is schooled on the paradox of human choice. It's kind of reflective of the whole Determinism vs. Free Will theme found in a lot of philosophical arguments I've read. Check out the Animatrix though if you haven't already (and if you're into Anime styled animations). It fills in some gaps in the Matrix Universe and also adds some other creative stories in there.

Mariana: Before researching a little more into biological evolution I used to wrongly think that the appearance of certain phenotypes was analogous to the mixing of paints rather than the shuffling of a card deck. If evolution really played out the way I once thought, all humans would probably eventually look the same, wouldn't they?