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    Although Henry Markram (head of the Blue Brain Project and speaker in this video) never really mentioned it, I sense that the main, underlying motive for the scientists behind this project is the possibility of Artificial Intelligence. Markram makes mention of a theory that is very intriguing to me personally: The Holonomic Brain theory, or the theory of the Holographic Universe. I've heard it called many different things, but the overall concept is the notion that our perceived reality is nothing more (everything more?) than a projection stemming from deep within our brains. The same way a hologram would work: by projecting thousands of tiny, concentrated wavelengths of light into open space, thus creating a structured, understandable image. I believe what Markram is implying is that with further research into the neocortex of the brain, we will soon be able to replicate human perception in the form of some sort of technological medium. After all, it seems to me that humans have some sort of innate God complex, some sort of creationist trait, that allows us to mimic human behavior in the form of technology (i.e. computer processing and data storage vs. brain processing and memory; the internet(work) vs. networks of neurons within our brains). Perhaps the advances in Artificial Intelligence will ultimately lead to humans implementing our individual selves into technology, causing us to be less prone to natural age and decay.

    Furthermore, I'm beginning to wonder if it's in fact true that the universe is only as expansive as humans perceive it to be....

    Side note: This is my first post since discovering and joining this magnificent website; and there is a lot on my mind these days. You might notice that in my future posts I will make reference to The Holonomic Brain theory quite often. It's a fun concept to play around with. If you're interested in learning more about it, look for The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot...very insightful read.
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