Comment on An Idea Worth Spreading: The Future is Networks

TheUndying Tue, Mar 16, 2010
I knew this post would be good the minute you randomly tweeted something about this being the most important idea you've had to date. Likewise, I knew Spacecollective would dig this post as soon as I finished reading it. Luckily (and ironically) I had the privilege of viewing it the minute you tweeted it.

Anyway, I most definitely fit into category C. The more I read, the harder my adrenaline was pumping. It invoked quite a cognitive shift for me. I've always marveled at the coincidental relationship between the way galaxies form a network through dark matter, how our brains form neural networks, how James Cameron implemented the whole electrochemical network existing through the nature of Pandora in the movie Avatar, and how the internet forms an intangible network of collective human minds. I understand the implications of Moore's law and I understand how rapidly technology is advancing, but I never really pieced it all together to arrive at such a conclusion as you did. I never took a step back to scrutinize the seemingly chaotic patterns that arise just before order. I too have felt for the past year or so that a profound and overall positive change in the structure and mindset of humanity is about to occur. And yes, now I can see, it will be a result of networking. And it will remain a network, human interaction within our planet I mean. We'll experience a sudden stability; an order that encompasses the chaos, which will determine the next stages in human evolution. This is Chaos theory at its definitive meaning- order arises out of chaos. The Universe requires such structures in order to maintain equilibrium. I guess I should thank you for helping me piece it all together earlier than I would've on my own.

Nagash: That's probably one of the better TED talks I've seen all week.