Comment on An Idea Worth Spreading: The Future is Networks

worldmind Mon, Oct 10, 2011
Congratulations, Venessa.

You selected the red pill. Nothing will ever be the same for you.

Yes, Humanity is the Universe being aware of itself.

Humanity is in the finial test, self-imposed and necessary,

Humanity, the nervous system of the planetary ecosystem, will adapt and take our niche in Universe, or we will fade into extinction.

The Age of Delusion, the rabid Adolescence of Humanity, is coming to an end.

Humanity is the reproductive system of the planetary ecosystem, which must reproduce on other planets around other stars to survive the continuous re-occurring completely natural Mass Extinction Events that have almost wiped out life on this planet 5 times before.

The 'test' exists because Humanity has an immense impact upon the ecosystem of the planet, an impact that can birth an organism capable of spreading life throughout the Galaxy, or extinguish itself by extinguishing the ecosystem that it emerged from and sustains it.

This is because in order to reach other planets, the ecosystem had to produce a component that had an empty capacity to learn from nature using a fast symbolic means, producing information, learning leverage, and use that knowledge to surmount the vast distances and difficulties of travel between stars for a fragile phenomina called 'Life'.

This means that the internal models of reality in each individual's mind, which fills that empty capacity, takes in data from nature and must communicate it with other individuals in a social network of cooperation.

This evolutionary process of absorbing emerging data contains much information, but also misinformation and disinformation. The results of the misinformation and disinformation, processed through multigenerational subcultures, often through genocide, creates an effect of holding back the filtering of data to perceive information and slow the filtering out of misinformation, and causes a social pressure to build that can as easily destroy the species as evolve it.

Humans have always networked. Every family tribe of cave people, every village, every group, is a network of symbiotic individuals that emerged from the patterns of ecosystem together, and cannot survive without that symbiotic networking. Now, that network includes every human on the planet. Humanity has much going for it... (much of it suppressed by cultural insanity,) compassion, love, epiphany, science, and an appreciation of the vast beauty of the Universe.

So the time has come for Humanity to either become sane through cleansing the mind of unverified information through scientific examination and experimental results, or cease to exist, which will take the ecology with it.

That is the 'test'.

Time will tell.