Comment on what did Nikola Tesla know?

hunter Mon, May 5, 2008
Most people in Serbia believe that Tesla had supernatural powers. He is often mentioned in those pseudo-scientific articles in tabloids. Some of those people think that he was an alien, while others satisfy themselves with "only" a few supernatural traits. He is often perceived as a god-like person who was above ordinary humans.

This is a painting by a popular Serbian painter Tapi, whom I generally don't like, but the painting nicely illustrates the point. Here, Tesla is hardly human. He is hardly corporeal. More of an idea. In my opinion, this is because ordinary, soap-opera-watching people really have no idea what he has done, but they know that he was some kind of great scientist "who invented electricity".

More educated people have no such illusions, but everybody respects him highly. Here is a link to a more serious mini-site dedicated to 150 anniversary of his death with some general information.

The urn containing Tesla's remains, kept in Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade