Comment on what did Nikola Tesla know?

monolith Tue, May 6, 2008
If You all have the time, please read Tesla's autobiography - just note the simplicity with which he describes natural phenomenons like electricity or complex thinking machines and wireless energy transfer. I guess we are all paying for what we (as humanity) did to the man who came to solve world's energy crisis, and just in right time - God knows where we would be now if only we stud for his defense. And yet, how kindly he forgives this crime against him, with words "The world was obviously not ready".
@rene: now everybody here, in Serbia is proud with Nikola Tesla; 2006 was Tesla's year here (150 years birth anniversary) they've even changed our biggest airport name to "Nicola Tesla" but the truth is that NOTHING is truly done important in his memory here: there were no big attempts to shed some light on his lost inventions from the scientific community, even his museum was so lousy guarded that it was robbed on several occasions (some 10-15 years ago) and a lot of documents were taken away that were described as "insignificant" by the museum's management . I ask you: why would anybody try to steal insignificant papers?
He's just another legend for Serbs now, and nobody likes to discover the true Tesla.