Comment on what did Nikola Tesla know?

Infinitas Tue, Aug 31, 2010
Awesome! Thanks for bumping this thread, I never knew it existed. I recently finished reading Margaret Cheney's biography on him, Tesla- Man Out of Time, and though I knew a fairly good amount about him before I read it, Tesla has become even more wondrous and mind-blowingly brilliant. When questioned about one of his inventions (some kind of oscillator) he said that he could split the Earth in half like an apple in a matter of some years. This device, which could fit into a jacket pocket, practically destroyed his lab. One time he placed it on a the side of a building in NYC and after a short period of time people started running out of the building thinking it was an earthquake. He could have brought all of NYC to the ground if he wanted. He surely was a mad genius, but definitely not an evil one.

As far as free wireless electricity, I think scientists have finally caught up to Tesla's brilliance and started to look into it.