Comment on Is Language a Window into Human Nature?

Wildcat Sat, Jan 5, 2008
I definitely agree with you about the incompleteness issue, yet the direction I am pointing to is not to create a complete language, but to increase the efficiency and descriptive power of language whilst simultaneously allowing the mind a much greater leeway in its capability of description, both self-description and observational description. It seems to me that our capacity for metaphors and synonyms is the mark for a language of the mind that bypasses many of the commonly assumed realities (such as gender bias or the innate need to refer to ‘my body’ as a possession).

We need, I believe a more plastic kind of language. My main issue is with the fact that our world (and the perception of this same world) has changed dramatically whilst our language (both common and specialized) has changed much more slowly and to my mind both inadequately and insufficiently so.

The usefulness of language’s incompleteness in the evolutionary sense diminishes if the mode of communication dwindles into platitudes and clichés.

Witness the immense contribution of L. Wittgenstein to language and creativity, if not to the modern mind as a whole.