Comment on Is Language a Window into Human Nature?

lateral Fri, Mar 7, 2008
I am undecided as to how specific language is to humans. Other animals have language. Even plants speak to one another by way of aerosol chemicals. I for one would be interested in a way to transcend language. It is imposed upon us right from the beginning of our lives.

One concern is the transmission of thought between ourselves. Another is the internal processing of concepts; thought. The degree of marriage between the two determines how much ones thinking is determined by the language one speaks.

I speak three languages fluently. In periods where I rely on all three for verbal communication I notice falling back on different languages for different areas of thought: Norwegian for mundane, day-to-day stuff. English for abstract concepts and factual knowledge. German for emotional concerns.

This is probably highly reliant on imprints on my part, but what I want to illustrate is this question:
By new language, do you mean some evolved bastard child of current spoken and written languages that primarily enables

  • more sophisticated communicatoin.

  • more sophisticated mental processes/thinking.

Or are you looking for some new kind of language that trancends our current use of symbols?