Comment on Is Language a Window into Human Nature?

Wildcat Fri, Mar 7, 2008
Thank you Lateral for an insightful comment, let me start by saying that language I see as an abstract apparatus (or technology if you prefer) operating on a multidimensional platform of emergent phenomena such as minds (it is my view that there may be other kind of platforms that at present are unknown to us). Taking into account the possible fact that the universe is a vast information processing system, it goes without saying that communication is a fundamental of all existence. given these two premises I now go on to hypothesize that all transfer of information is fundamentally a communication but not all kinds of communication are languages. I believe that ants or bees (some plants, whales and dolphins come to mind) have a very sophisticated form of information transmission, retrieval, processing and acknowledgment, but is it language? language need be structured, syntactical and structured, able to evolve and transmute for it to be properly called a language. So these diverse forms of life may have communication procedures but most I wouldn’t call language, especially not when it comes to abstract conceptualizations.
Having said the above, I believe that what is needed for us humans is not an upgrade of the language we already have, but a completely different form of communication, able to propel us into the next step of our evolution as a specie.
So to answer your question clearly, yes I am looking for a language that transcends our current symbol oriented system of communication.