Comment on Is Language a Window into Human Nature?

chronman Tue, Nov 25, 2008
I wouldn't say that "we" need a new kind of language, individuals must find it within themselves to enhace their language/diction.

Language in itself is an art, an art intertwined with our connections, our emotions, our perceptions/mental states, personality, and the people around us -changes of speech with respect to the enviornmental and social context-.

One must pay careful attention to how they decide to explain [and ultimately "code"] a concept or thought to themselves. The more expansive ones vocabulary is, the more effectively they can project ideas and express themselves. Similarly, poor vocabulary deteriorates the quality of expression.

It is the complete responsibility of the individual to improve and/or modify their language, not the "we".

The language of the Yanomamo Indians (If I'm not mistaken) raises a few questions; In their language, there aren't any words designated for specific numbers. Words such as "many", "plenty", "few", "alot", "the", and etc are used to describe quantity.

- The language seems to functions as a sort of "mathematical barrier".

It raises a question of wheter the language or human nature plays the active role in preserving the existence of this barrier.

The case of Australoids (Australian Aborigines) is interesting in that their language aswell, contains a similar "mathematical barrier", but they have been found to have a propensity to thinking "visualistically" or abstractly.

Similar studies have been conducted on City vs Farm kids to examine their styles of visual memory.

Language has a direct role personality; if you're one who speaks more than one language or different styles of your language -Slang, Argot, Dialect-, you might've noticed. This provides a great deal of support for the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis.

Heres a link to a studies on this issue - Click Here

Regarding the study of "SOV"...

Language influences thought, but beyond that, the style of a particular language -diction or how one uses their words- has more influence than a complete different language (Though a different language facilitates difference in the styles of using words)