Comment on Is Language a Window into Human Nature?

gamma Mon, Dec 15, 2008
Please forgive the lateness of my reply,
when I think of terse writing I think of Bjarne Stroustrup  creator of C++ language.

My impression about writing is that there is not enough time to explain all in detail or better said to describe all there is about one experience. It would be much better is everyone would catch up automatically and quickly.

Just a few words combined create a base for language with plenty of possibilities to code complexity. I heard that Sanskrt (officially not missing any letter in it's name) is the best language for programming. German and Greek are best for philosophy. English is simple and should take on the world.

Common language contains amazing and simple natural code - mathematical order:

Some people may feel that language is therefore better than it seems. (Oh surely it CAN be better?? or evolve!)

I draw from this 3 possible suggestions, all 3 very general sounding:
1. need to be understood at all times
2. wanting to be able to talk at all times, including inspired states like dreaming
3. possible evolution of language

As a side note, I don't like C++ very much because I prefer a little more of nice old order present in Pascal or some school language. Still, C++ can encode such universal statements that I can drag elements on the screen inside a virtual machine with operating system to the outer operating system and the object is comprehended which bring me a bit of excitement.