Comment on Is Language a Window into Human Nature?

Olena Sat, Nov 21, 2009
Wildcat - I agree with your first post; I must admit I haven't had a chance to read most of the comments yet... but here is my contribution:

She had always thought that if only people could communicate mind-to-mind, eliminating the ambiguities of language, then understanding would be perfect and there'd be no more needless conflicts. Instead she had discovered that rather than magnifying differences between people, language might just as easily soften them, minimize them, smooth things over so that people could get along even though they didn't really understand each other.

Orson Scott Card, Xenocide

I see a lot of posts concerning thought-sharing on SC in general, and although I'm part for it, I think this is a valid argument against that.
I don't think all people are capable of agreeing about everything, so perhaps at some point it's best not to get too honest, lest we begin demonizing and criminalizing each other left and right, just for the knowledge of our innermost thoughts.