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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    The ColleX
    ColleX (The, A):
    {Noun, Plural: ColleXes}

    A descriptive term constructed of the terms collective (but also implies and is inspired by/from: college, colleague, collection, collation and collaboration) and the factor ‘X’ as in: the unknown factor provided by the unique individual.

    The ColleX: a term coined to describe the emergent property of intelligence and interest manifested in a collective of sentient beings.

    The ColleX is a descriptive term designating the fundamental emergent direction of a group of sentient beings.

    The prime components of a ColleX are intelligence and interest giving rise to direction.

    A ColleX reflects the synergy of folksonomy and collaborative tagging see here and here, when applied to thoughts, ideas, sensations, artistic expressions, insights, and or visions.

    Note 1. Unlike synergy, which assumes that the whole is always greater than the parts, a ColleX does not carry such an assumption.
    Hence in a ColleX the role, value and importance of the unique individual is assured and protected.
    However it is a given that a ColleX represents a direction that is emergent and consistent with the college of humans with which it is associated.
    Note 2. A ColleX has its own Axiology (need be elaborated, pls help)
    Note 3. The usage of the term ‘Factor X’ implies a fundamental unknown, this is meant to emphasize the immense fluidity and unpredictability of the particular human mind (sentient being) when applying its conscious aware self-reflective process in a group collaborative effort.
    Note 4. I believe but cannot prove that a ColleX is an aesthetic need.


    1.”The ColleX of space collective is space oriented”
    2. “The web as a whole does not yet have a coherent ColleX.”
    3. “The American ColleX is highly ambiguous.”
    4. “Humanity, to survive, needs a cogent and consistent ColleX”
    5. “Of course it (..insert AI..) passed the Turing test, don’t you see that its ColleX is highly self-reflective”
    6. “ A ColleX cannot be forcibly created, a ColleX needs the ambient ecology in which and by which it can arise”

    Explication and elaboration:

    Pondering the issue of the direction humanity takes into an unknown future for a while now (that’s a long while now) and after reviewing most of our commonly agreed upon reasons for being and doing, I think that at core we are moving ahead primarily because of an articulate capacity to bootstrap our own intelligence via a single aspect of our existence, namely the abstract aspect of curiosity, called interest (especially when collectively applied).

    But what exactly is the meaning of interest? Interest in the sense I am speaking of here is a fundamental aspect of intelligence manifested in consciousness, via the process of self-reflection, providing a direction to the mind (both private and collective).

    Check what is interesting for a particular mind and you know that mind, check what is interesting for a collective and you know that group.

    In the simplest sense then, something interests us when the impression/s created by that particular aspect of existence is reflected in our minds as an irregularity that calls our attention to itself.
    There are, of course, many levels to the concept of interest, from our pattern recognition capabilities to our capability of extracting meaning in otherwise unremarkable situations or states of affairs; yet what is most fascinating about the concept of interest is that it generates a direction; a direction here I will understand as that pointer in the mind, (basically a sense thought or an idea, emotional response or instinctive reaction) and in the flow of space time, which allows the mind to muster resources towards rejoining some particular coordinates, be they inside or outside the mind.

    Thus from the standpoint of the mind in question an interest is a representation of a direction.

    A direction towards what?
    Towards an increase in the depth and size of its own self-reflection, that may also be called, evolution of the mind.

    The increase of depth and size of self-reflection is primarily an indication of the amount of intelligence a system can muster, thus a worthy of note bootstrap loop emerges, one in which intelligence correlates to interest, and interest correlates to intelligence.

    I believe that intelligence and interest both pronounce an innate realization of the meaning of evolution in its present projection into the future, in particular when applied to a ‘think tank’ like situation.

    This pronunciation, by which the mind of the individual recognizes the immense potential of the interests it has, as an indication of its own intelligence is paramount in understanding, and participating in, the direction humanity takes.

    The direction, which I will understand here as the emergent property of a collection of individuals conjoined by mutual interests and similar (but different) intelligence, is primarily that of engaging the reality of the mind of the personal with that of the communal and vice versa.

    This emergent property I desire to call here: the ColleX.
    The ColleX is a word I have coined to describe the emergent property of intelligence and interest manifested in a group of sentient beings, which will reflect the direction this same group takes.
    The direction of course implies both the mustering of resources and the technology (means) to progress towards said direction.

    It goes without saying that I believe that the term ColleX is a worthwhile addendum to the modern language that I believe we need create.

    (This is a first draft, and is part of ‘Towards a New Kind of language’)

    Help needed.

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         Wed, Jan 16, 2008  Permanent link
    Just don't let it become so overused by things that should not be using it like "synergy" became. Throw in some safeguards for that.

    Synergy is a pretty old word but since it sounds catchy enough... perhaps too catchy? I dunno. I think I'm overthinking this.