Comment on Nothingness Rules!!

Wildcat Fri, Mar 7, 2008
yes , what is so remarkable about these moments is the level of intensity and sheer exuberance they bring to the mind of the person/s in question, in this case me and my friends. I believe though I cannot prove it, that moments of this kind carry with them the sense of the universal, a sensation not unlike an insight into the nature of things, hence my love and appreciation for these moments.
btw, kudos for the investigative approach to triangulation.. however may I point out that it is possible that all these are just language denominations to which i am used to and thus miles will translate into KM, motel translates into inn and so on and thus all bets are off.. :-)
Nomadism is primarily a state of mind isn't it? the state of non-attachment to land,location and so forth..