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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    The great enhancement debate
    What will happen when for the first time in ages different human species will inhabit the earth at the same time? The day may be upon us when people...
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    Wild Dinners in 2019

    2019 Ultra-short -1- Franco the Gondolier

    I became nervous, it was 22 hundred hours and no one was coming for dinner, not that there was anything interesting to eat, just the Chinese carb rations dropped from above, and yet I thought that my fellow Italian refugees, will admire the prowess with which I, Franco, the old time gondolier, from (now lost to the swell) Venice, was able to create a nutritious, albeit poor in looks, dinner.

    2019 Ultra-short-2 – The wireless message

    Start wireless message:”
    They are everywhere, they are French and Egyptians, Malay and Brazilians, Chinese and Norwegians, and if we are to feed them all, we need upgrade our Grain open source collaborative efforts. Yes we fought Monsanto for their copyrighted gene tech and we won, but the world lost. What we need now is the latest patch of gene tech for the ‘ Blue Tent algae’ super strain that is said to grow everywhere, yes everywhere! or so they say. We shall see when the grid returns online,
    Sunshine! Where art thou, when sorely needed?
    We are exhausted, but we are hopeful..
    Tonight I’ll sleep on an empty stomach.
    End wireless message”


    2019 Ultra-short -3- Flying wind farms and Avocados

    “Our flying wind farm produces more than 20 MW of clean renewable energy, and yes we have our own little grid” I said laughing.
    Jane was a bit vexed, she liked so much the idea of the wave generator, the ocean and all that, however it was not viable for communities like ours, here in the hills of Tuscany, we were too far from the ocean, very different from Halifax. But you know Jane, she still hopes that we will one day go back to Canada, though here we can manage our own little production facility, speaking of which, please taste this Avocado.
    A fully developed, protein rich, low cholesterol, anti viral and anti bacterial genetically modified Avocado, but more importantly, we grow our avocados with the air moisture trap, no water irrigation at all. Its an avocado unlike any you have ever tasted; and these burgers? Yes, Avocado burgers…


    2019- Ultra Short-4- An interview with ‘AOM’ founder Matt R.

    Matt R. : “Remember Ubuntu? Well, think of ‘ AOM’ (Accept the Other Mind’) as an open source immigration procedure.”

    Mag: “ and how does it work?”

    Matt R.:” well, it is simple really, AOM is a humanistic movement, made of people like you and me to solve the crisis of mass migration big gov. can’t cope with. We do this by relying on the particular skills and capabilities of an individual, a family or a community. We rely on the info shared by all via the net, and yes, its fully transparent and fully accountable.”

    Mag: “and the results”?

    Matt R:” here, try this curry..”
    This is the result of incorporating the knowledge of the Patal family with ours, they brought with them an age old tradition of herbal and spice, food and remedies. We brought our own know how of organic vegetables growth and we got this first result. By sharing our knowledge and capabilities, but more importantly our concern for the future based on the GEAS analysis, we were able both to transcend the psychological barriers that kept us apart and create the basis of the new future.
    Sharing and collaborating is the name of the game.

    2019 Ultrashort - 5 - The Elite Perspective

    “ TADA!!...”

    “ So, what do you think ?”

    Naked and proud of it, I walked all around the dinner table, showing off my newly acquired Novaskin ™ V.3.1 including the brand new GRC (GendRChoice ™) pouch, which effectively turned me (visually, that is) into a sexless and hairless being. The fact that we were all naturists (73 million members and counting) was still not a good enough insurance against shock. Still, when I showed my glandular control of inner ambient temperature (lowering or raising my body temperature according to the surrounding ecology) I think I scored big time. The fact that I could walk on scorching pavements barefooted without showing the smallest sign of being uncomfortable was a topic we discussed later, but for now what really amazed my dinner audience, was the color I had chosen. The truest and best color to confront the blazing sun, I had chosen to present myself at dinner in the full ‘SunCopper’ (guaranteed or your old skin back) attire, a perk to all signed customers of Novaskin ™.
    On top of all that the fact that I was now immune to the H5N1 virus, not to mention countless others (including the latest strain of Burkina TB) was a fit of blood and skin tech engineering even John (A.K.A John the skeptic) that used to work with Freitas on the respirocytes project found amazing.

    I happily walked towards my table space carb/protein assembler and ordered a fully compatible, no carbon footprint vegan Lasagna (better than I remembered, I need add).
    So yes, some of us kept on repeating that the fact that we managed to overthrow the petro industries in 2014 , is not enough evidence that we, as the species ‘avant-garde, are fit enough (ethically that is) to pave the way for the four billion persons still in need of reaching the singularity reality. Yet, that is the case when the catastrophic chain of events that started with the self inflicted nuclear, so called, ‘terrorist attack’ in N.Korea, pushed congress to create the AI Manhattan project. So yes Ben.G was correct, and so was E.Y the grid AI is here and it is conscious and it is benevolent and the fountains of creativity are inexhaustible.
    True enough there are still many humans needed in the effort to accept and create the new world we are living in, yet at this point, unlike the bleakness we experienced with same company in 2008, suffice it to say, that we have a future, and a bright one at that.

    These are five short stories i have presented to the institute for the future, for their upcoming game Superstruct

    Sun, Jul 20, 2008  Permanent link
    Categories: ultrashorts, Sci-fi, 2019, superstruct
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    jonobr1     Fri, Jul 25, 2008  Permanent link
    I can't quite put my finger on it, but your stories are eerily familiar in tone and manner to Petronius' Satyricon, to which Fellini did a great rendition/interpretation of.