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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Polytopia- The WHY ?
    Project: Polytopia

    Because of freedom

    The future is about emotions, it is about passion, it is about the process of creation and the reaction we will have to events.
    Our emotions and reactions to ideas are in a fashion much more significant than the idea/event itself.
    In fact, that is what a transcultural polytopia means, a co-emergent multidimensional interest. In ‘Polytopia-the emergence of’ a co-emergent interest was defined as:” the interest emerging out of a collaborative mind mutuality, emphasizing the unique perspective of each and every individual member, voluntarily desiring to cooperate/share/connect/interact with other minds, towards an increase in combined intelligence. Moreover, a Polytopia, viewed as open source collaboration between consciously aware entities towards an increase in combined interactive intelligence can also be understood to mean an emotional reaction to a collective event that has no context yet but only indications pointing to the fact that it is happening already.

    Put differently what I am suggesting here is that the reality of the Polytopia is already present and therefore the sphere of contextualization that is presented here under the term Polytopia is the putting into words of a reality already present, at least in so far as we deal with humans that are not only interested in the content of their own lunchbox.
    For anyone not confined to his or her lunchbox the current flow of events in the world portrays itself as a sign of ferment and energy, a reality is in the process of unveiling itself, a reality, which if taken to its logical essentiality, implies this:
    Intelligence is being amplified as we speak, and as we read these words, we react, and our reaction is emotional, as it always is. Our individual reaction is a signifier of our state of mind (mind topos-place), taken as an ensemble our combined reactions designate our diverse states of minds, a Polytopia.

    In my first post introducing the Polytopia concept I proposed that a Polytopia could emerge under correct circumstances and yet taking my cue from reactions to the Polytopia concept both here on SC and otherwhere it is my present view that a Polytopia has already emerged, albeit in embryo form.

    Given that the reality of a co-emergent multidimensional transcultural event is already in the process of becoming present, the proposal designated as Polytopia has multiple arguments in its favor :

    Polytopia – WHY?

    note: The ‘why?’ papers are a collection of writings I am in the process of producing for the purpose of emphasizing and further describing the Polytopia concept proposal with particular emphasize on answering the question: why?.
    Why? As in why do it?, why? As in why is it a more advanced concept than that which we already have?

    Thu, Aug 28, 2008  Permanent link
    Categories: future, culture, polytopia, proposal
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