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Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. (Albert Camus)
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    Polytopia- The WHY ? (part 2)
    Project: Polytopia

    Since the Cybersphere is the direct continuation and evolution of the Biosphere via the technology of the net (itself evolving into the grid*), and since the net is built upon the fluid and highly distributed flow of information of our minds, it stands to reason that our mind states (mind topos- topia) are the fundamental capital upon which a Polytopia is built and from which the Polytopia gains its strength, its creativity and its energy. The transcultural event of the Polytopia is thus based upon the mind of the individual.
    That very mind topos, the very state of the mind of the individual is the basis upon which a Polytopia rests.

    Because fierce independence avoids group think

    Polytopia as a transcultural event represents the actuation of liberty, specifically the freedom to evolve our narratives, freedom is the natural evolutionary state of the higher faculties of the mind. In this respect the higher faculties of the mind I shall define as that which is busy archiving and shaping our narratives. As the net, and soon the grid, represents the manifestation of our archiving ourselves, our minds, it stands to reason to view our actions on the grid as the very act of shaping the infoverse.
    When shaping the infoverse we are actually mirroring the landscape of our minds.

    Because each and every mind need be a critical evaluator

    It is a truism that our lives on the net are a reflection of our minds.
    Our minds in this respect can be seen as reflecting our inner landscape.
    Our inner landscape in turn, reflects upon itself via memory
    Memory is reflected in our archiving our narratives on the net, be it thoughts, ideas, comments, videos, art, poetry or even the particular set of news we collect and archive.
    Thus in consequence, archiving our narratives is the method by which we give form and manifest to our inner workings, the process of archiving is not unlike the process of molding clay
    Yet what we mould is information, we give it shape, character, identity and finally form.

    Because the infoverse reflects our mind landscape

    Other be-causes:
    1. Because subjectivity is omnipresent
    2. Because our visions are stronger than our televisions
    3. Because we are not a monument but the dynamics of passion
    4. Because we are not our curriculum we are fusion
    5. Because harmony is not fixed in its form
    6. Because we can upgrade reality
    7. Because Intelligence is Autopoeitic
    8. Because we can become ecomorphic

    Sat, Aug 30, 2008  Permanent link
    Categories: future, culture, polytopia, proposal
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    meganmay     Thu, Sep 4, 2008  Permanent link
    I really like where you're going with this post in particular and I humbly offer a #9

    9. because mankind needs to take another giant leap

    Some initiatives that just popped into my brain:

    Operation upgrade humanity
    brought to you by the Polytopian brain trust

    this could be some kind of actual intervention in the meatspace.

    A New Kind of Humanity
    the sequel to A New Kind of Science

    notthisbody     Fri, Sep 5, 2008  Permanent link
    Wildcat -

    All what you're saying makes sense, and something that i've put a lot of thought towards as well. Let me know what you think of "Towards a Polytopia"
    Wildcat     Fri, Sep 5, 2008  Permanent link
    Meganmay: thanks for the suggestion, it is a great 'because' and as it fits perfectly and can readily be said to contain the essence of the polytopia project, the post has been updated with the box "..because mankind.." (with credits where credit's due.;-)

    as for the other suggestions: " operation upgrade humanity" sounds a bit too activistic to my ears, but then its probably only the word " operation" (sounds commando like, or alternatively maybe too hollywoodian)

    how about something like this:

    Sensibly Upgrading Humanity
    or this

    Upgrading Humanity Sagaciously

    Just some thoughts that come to mind, however I loved this one:" brought to you by the Polytopian brain trust"
    as you know i believe that the language we use is in need of upgrade, at present however, given that we use words and phrases that carry a long trail of meanings and correlations, i think we should choose the words wisely so as to be able to propagate what i believe to truly be a revolutionary concept

    About "a new kind of humanity" ,again I have a problem here with the wording and its possible derivative concepts/meanings/indications. yes we are about a new kind of humanity, however, as i see it, we do not create it, we allow it to emerge, gently and wisely. what we do create is the conceptual and abstract framework, within which a new kind of humanity can and will emerge.
    And then of course there exists the question of " kind" , is the new approach to reality we are advocating a difference in "kind"? or in degree? is it truly qualitative?

    At what point would we be able to state with confidence that the polytopia is truly a representation of a new " Kind" of humanity?

    as you can see i have more questions than answers