Comment on Polytopia , Our Mind Habitat in the Infoverse

Wildcat Sun, Sep 14, 2008
Yes lets do it..
we need all the support we can get, whomsoever desires to be involved, thats the place to say ay! yeah! or whatever you wish that expresses your desire to help bring the polytopia into existence

rene: re: Kerouac quote, just checked it, so Goodreads attributes it to Kerouac, however Wikiquote says that it is misattributed. truth be told I do not have Kerouac's book 'on the road' with me and can't seem to find it online, however if memory serves, it fits Kerouac perfectly (more than it fits apple marketing dept.) and I am certain that JK would approve of the open source usage of his quote. so until proven otherwise, J.Kerouac it is.