Comment on "Future Food - Meat without Livestock"

rene Tue, Sep 30, 2008
As the offspring of multiple generations of vegetarians, pacifists, social anarchists and proponents of free love I even have a hard time to kill ant invasions and most insects, although I draw the line at mosquitoes. I used to be very much taken by the book Animal Liberation of the Australian philosopher Peter Singer and I once read a rant by an author whose name I have forgotten who held forth about the karmic ramifications of eating “tortured flesh,” which as a concept made an impression on me. Here is another scathing opinion about our behavior towards “lower lifeforms” by Douglas Mulhall. Writing about the evolution of Super Intelligence on the Kurzweil AI blog, he observes that

our behavior as guardians of less intelligent species, which we know feel pain and suffering, has been and continues to be atrocious.
If this is our attitude toward less intelligent species, why would the attitude of superior intelligence toward us be different? It would be foolish to assume that a more advanced intelligence than our own, whether advanced in all or in only some ways, will behave benevolently toward us once it sees how we treat other species.

Moral issues aside, I’ve come to the conclusion that I only eat what my taste tells me is healthy (a sensitivity that in all likelihood was once shared by many people, including meat eaters, before their taste buds were beaten into submission by the food industry).

Just be aware that a vegetarian diet is not without complications, especially when it comes to protein sources. There is one Space Collective member who can tell us all about this. I hereby urge him to join this discussion, to which there are many aspects.

One of them being the issue of the excessive food and space requirements to grow the world's meat on the hoof, a potential solution for which is illustrated by some images of Dutch architect Winny Maas’ pig city:

I'm looking forward to further contributions on this subject.